Tallie Paz

Mrs. Paz, PSC
School Counselor
330-628-9948 ext.772045

Office hours are MWF from 8:15 am-3:15 pm.  
If you have an urgent concern, please contact the school principal. 
If you have an after hours emergency, please call either the Portage County Crisis Line at (330) 296-3555 or the Summit County Crisis Support Line at (330) 434-9144 or 911 for immediate assistance.

I am here to assist families, teachers, students, and administrators. I help connect families with community resources to help those in need. Please contact me if there is anyway I can help your student or family. 

How do I meet with Mrs. Paz?
-Write a note and put it in Mrs. Paz's mailbox on her office door.
-Catch her in the hallway
-Ask your teacher for permission to come to her office
-Ask your parent to call her

-Ask your teacher to refer you

How Can Mrs. Paz Help?
Individual Counseling:
Providing short-term, solution-focused counseling to help students with self, peer, school, or home-related concerns

Classroom Guidance:
Providing age appropriate, educational lessons to classrooms on a variety of topics (ie: anti-bullying, conflict management, test-taking skills, character development, safety, etc.)

Small Group Counseling:
Small groups of students with similar needs meet short-term (with parental permission) to discuss topics such as divorce, anxiety, social skill development, etc. 

Other Services:
Crisis counseling, community referrals, Section 504 Plan Coordinator and resources

When a student visits a school counselor, everything that is said stays between the counselor and the student except
-If someone is getting hurt
-If someone is in danger of self-injury
-If someone is at risk for hurting someone else
-If the student gives the school counselor permission to talk to others to help resolve a concern
-If a court orders the school counselor to disclose information

Mrs. Paz wants students to know they can be open and trust her, but she needs to make sure they are always safe.